Open Source vs Proprietary

Open source software is nowadays becoming a widely used software. Tech giants like Google, Facebook and others also use open source software for their different needs.

Along with that, proprietary software also gains its market share from old days. Some common examples of open source software are – Ubuntu Linux, libreoffice, GIMP, apache web server, MySQL. Some commonly used proprietary software are windows OS, Microsoft office, MS SQL server etc.

But one thing, why open source? Is it only free?

Ans – NO. Open source software is widely used not only for its freely available for all. Along with its idea. An idea to share the plan with another that how the software will work. This idea will help to develop further about that software. Anyone can start an open source community. At first he/she needs to start the community online via any blog or website. Now he/she can invite millions of people around the world to help with that particular project.

Why do people still use proprietary software?

Ans – There can be multiple reasons to use proprietary software. As an example, Microsoft Windows widely used proprietary software for any PC, laptop or even working computers. On the other hand, there are many Linux OS also like Ubuntu, Linux mint, kali Linux etc. Now, why do people avoid this? First reason should be about support. If you have any trouble related to any work, then you can find hundreds of solutions over the windows. But for Linux it’s very hesitating.

Let’s make a difference table between open source vs proprietary software.

Topicsopen sourceproprietary
CostCost is so low or even free.Cost is very high.
Customer SupportNot good, quick response not available all the time.Support is much better.
User friendlinessNot better each timealways better
FunctionalityLess functions than its competitor proprietary software.Always have a lot of functionality.

We will continue with MySQL in further articles, which is also an open source software. But nowadays it’s taken by Oracle corporation.

This database(MySQL) is a widely used database around the world.